PPT World Presentation Web Package
PPT World Presentation Web Package
PPT Design turned into a Web Page
What is PPT Design?
PPT Design is a contents package that has been created by a professional designer which allows the user to type in information onto the PPT Design to be used as a PowerPoint document.
Insert simple texts for important titles! manage your list by inserting texts! diagrams –simply insert texts Insert numbers for complicated charts
How to use the Web Package?
PPTworld Presentation Web Package provides an easy-access service where the PPT Design can be downloaded from the web.
How to use the Web Package?
PPTworld Presentation Web Package provides an easy-access service where the PPT Design can be downloaded from the web. Personalized PPTworld which can be used anywhere and at any time provides a web page that can be accessed at the university (or company) and the relevant student (or employee) of the university website (or company website) can search the PPT design and download it.
Verification method
Register the verified IP address or use the existing verification method which means that no additional verification is required to conveniently download the PPT design for use
Easy access to the internet from possible locations!
Home school office
Changing the PPT production skill!
Through the PPTworld Presentation Web Package,
check the PPT design that you want and press the “download” button
which you can use on your PC right away.

The PPT design can be applied,
edited and each individual can make a creative result and will more than halve the amount of time and effort by that you need to put into the presentation.

This is easier than looking for a free template on Google.
Web Package delivery samples
No fussy limitations!
No limitations on number of people hours numbers
The PPTworld Presentation Web Package does not limit the number of people/hours/downloads during the contract period.
We make an effort to make it convenient for universities or companies that use PPT a lot.
Educational Web Package
Upgrade the university’s competitiveness! Academic support presentation Web Package
Student academic skill support
Get out of simple drafting and develop creative presentation results
by effectively expressing your thoughts in making others understand
you/convincing them of your own ideas.
Use it as supplementary materials for your lectures
You can use the various PPT Designs as supplementary materials
for your lectures to increase the students’
understanding and concentration level.
Company Web Package
Develop the company’s competitiveness! Presentation Web Package which reduces time and cost and improves business ability
Effective PPT draft support
Download various PPT Designs and work on the PPT in a much easier way.

People who are unfamiliar with the use of PPT can use the already made PPT Designs
which will improve their PowerPoint skills and you can trust anyone to use PPT
Increase work efficiency
Design that cannot be expressed in words! You can look at it directly and select.
The fast processing of work will create satisfaction to all employees.

We bring you the service of PPT Design know-how that rids of time and effort.
Recruiting Buyers
We are looking for sole distributor buyers for our PPTworld Presentation Web Package

Buyers recruitment contact : sales@pptworld.net
About product/work
Sell Presentation Web Package Service
for universities/companie
Terms of contract
Sell the applicable service as a one (1) year package to universities/companies
Where the contract is extended each year,
you will receive stable profit
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